Sparkito! Teacher ESS!™ Edition

The Sparkito! Teacher ESS!™ Edition comes with a USB lanyard containing the Sparkito! software, 2GB of free storage space, online access for parents and kids (up to 25 users), an ESSentials™ 100 Spanish-English classroom words booklette, Sparky praise sitckers, and ESS!™ assignment stamp.

Teacher ESS™ Edition $19999

Choose to continue to enjoy on-line access for 25 students and their families for $149.99 after the first year.

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What's in the box:

  • On your Sparkito! lanyard and the embedded USB, you have rich, ready-to-engage multi-media resources for Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Music.
  • 2GB of Teacher storage for your lessons
  • On your Sparkito! ESS!™ affinity card, you have 1-year web access for up to 25 different student and family users.
  • ESSentials™ 100 English-Spanish Success Words Laminated Folio
  • Sparkito! Praise & Raise ESS!™ Assignment Stamp and Stickers

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Note that you will receive your unique instant access code in the mail with the rest of your Teacher Edition materials.

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