The Sparkito! Kinder program offers fun digital activities to engage and promote language skills for all spanish and english early learners.

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What is Sparkito! Kinder?


Sparkito! Kinder provides teachers and parents with an easy to use, guided program for language acquisition that compliments any spanish or english Pre-K and Kinder learning environment.

Sparkito! contains multimedia content mixing song with vocabulary reinforcement and student activities arranged in thematic units and instantly translatable (audio and on screen text) in Spanish and English. The program combines a simple "plug & teach" device for the classroom with an optional web-based student portal to help promote parental involvement and access to content outside the classroom.

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All digital content is fully translatable to English and Spanish.

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How can I get Sparkito! Kinder?

Sparkito! Kinder is available in three different ways.

1.You can purchase Sparkito! Kinder with online access only by the month or by the year at a discounted price. 2.Sparkito! is also available on Sparkiddos USB wristbands. They are easy to use and perfect for early learners to use in a lab or at home with a computer. 3.The Teacher ESS!™ Edition was created with the English and Spanish Language Learning classroom in mind. The Sparkito! software is loaded on an USB drive embedded within the lanyard clip. This edition also comes with online, instant access for up 25 students and family members and much more.

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    Get instant "anytime, anywhere" access to Sparkito! Online. Pay by the month or by the year to receive a discount.

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  • Sparkito! Teacher ESS!™ Edition

    The Teacher ESS!™ Edition is the perfect teacher tool for Engl¡sh Span!sh Success™. Get the ESS!™ bundle today.

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Meet Sparkito!

Sparkito! visits schools and reads to students!

Sparkito! is our official mascot. He is raising the bar for all animals in the education world because he believes in truly innovating the classroom. Fun digital activities that engage and promote language skills for all Spanish and English early learners is what makes his tail wag. Sparkito is also a friend to communities and peers who recognize language acquisition with education is the way to English Spanish Success™. Did we mention he likes to dance?

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